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Let’s admit it, Christmas shopping is a pain and can become SUPER expensive, especially when your gift list keeps growing every year.

Eventually, you wonder if maybe you should just start passing out gift cards and just call it a day (Can I get an amen?).

I totally get it, but don’t fret because your Ultimate Christmas Guide For EVERY TYPE of “Her” In Your Life is here!

And since everyone has different budgets I’ve included four different price ranges, Under $15, Under $25, Under $50 and Under $100!

So remember to bookmark this page so you can come back to it!! And help out a neighbor by sharing!

Let’s start with the easy stuff!

Gifts For The Girly Girl

This is the girl in your life that loves everything makeup, and doesn’t mind getting her pamper on. Here are some BOMB Christmas gift ideas that she’ll absolutely LOVE.

UNDER $15:

You don’t have to know anything about makeup you should know that you need brushes to do it! And these brushes are top-rated sellers! They’re SUPER soft, easy to use and oh-so-cute and the best part? They’re only $10.99 (at the time of writing this article)! You can click here to check them out!

UNDER $25:

This little nifty gift was all the craze last year, and it is still super useful this year! This Lumee Case is the perfect phone case for all the selfie queens out there because it offers a soft “photo friendly” light for those not-so-ideal lighting situations. And right now, it’s only $19.97 for the Rose Gold color on Amazon, check it out.

UNDER $50:

The way into the girly girl’s heart is always through the doors of Sephora. And this season Sephora is offering up HUGE discounts on the most coveted makeup items! This little gift kit from Sephora Favorites called Glow For It, offers sample sizes of those same brands at HALF the price, matter of fact, you can get it now for $40! But, it’s a limited item so you better grab it soon before it’s all gone!

UNDER $100:

What does every woman own and find a way to create from everyday objects? A mirror! Geesh, I can’t even count how many random car windows I’ve used to check my hair and makeup. But what if you could have more than just a mirror, like a makeup holder and jewelry box had a baby? Well, that’s what this mirror is from Best Choice Products on Amazon. It’s a Mirrored Jewelry Cabinet Armoire and it’s the perfect gift under $100 dollars for the girly girl in your life! And you can buy it here.

Gifts For The Fashionista

This is the girl that’s all about that “I woke up like this” life. Here are some gifts that she can’t wait to add to her collection!

UNDER $15:

If you haven’t seen this bra you better believe the Fashionista in your life has. And if she hasn’t gotten one already, you can bet your britches it’s on her wishlist! This Pull Me Close Bra from Fashion Nova is the perfect Christmas gift that you can purchase for only $12.99. They also have them in Nude, and it’s a MUST-HAVE for those strapless dresses and off-shoulder sweaters.

UNDER $25:

Can anyone say cute winter clothes?? You can never go wrong with a sweater like this Knitted Sweater from Missguided! Plus, Missguided has a sale going on every week so you can’t help but score a good deal on more cute clothes like this one! Click here to go to the site.

UNDER $50:

FabFitFun is all the talk in 2017 and it’s worth the hype because it’s the gift that keeps on giving! FabFitFun is the ONLY company that offers full-size samples and delivers them right to your doorstep. Imagine the look on her face when she gets a beautiful box full of the season’s essentials this month! Not only that but they are offering $200 worth of stuff for only $49.99.   And they offer up 70% more in savings and discounts for members. Talk about the perfect gift! You can purchase it here.

So, I couldn’t leave this one out! And with all of the phones walking around in the streets these days, how could I not recommend another case? But this case is trendy, cute and totally Instagram worthy. 

The best thing about this case? You don’t have to sacrifice safety for style, because Castify offers ways to “upgrade” the amount of protection around the phone, without making it bulky. They also come in all sizes for iPhones, so you don’t have to worry about settling. AND if you click here, you can get $10 off right off the bat! Now is it just a case?

UNDER $100:

Ask any girl what her favorite thing about winter is and she might say something like Christmas, hot chocolate, and oh, BOOTS. These are a fashionista’s DREAM BOOTS and they’re not only cute, but they’re warm, high quality, and UNDER $100. What else could a girl ask for? Not only that, but you can get an EXTRA 25% off of your entire order right now AND FREE SHIPPING when you spend $75 or more click here to get your discount!

Christmas Gifts for the Sporty Chick

Oh man, we have an Athlete in the house. This girl LOVES the rise and grind and can’t wait to hit the gym. Let’s give her something she’ll get pumped for!

UNDER $15:

How many of us know the value of fruit infused water? It adds daily vitamins and nutrients that most of us don’t get out of our daily diets. Fruit- Infused water is not just for those “hippie diet fanatics” out there like me, it’s actually great for those non-water drinkers out there that don’t like the taste. Not only is it easy to make, but with this cute little Sport Fruit Infuser water bottle, it’s portable too!

The #1 problem with women’s exercise clothes? MOST don’t have pockets, therefore, we have nowhere to put our phones! And that’s why this water-resistant armband is the perfect buy for the sporty chick in your life. And for $10 I can’t say it’s not worth it! So check it out!

UNDER $25:

A “sackpack” is the essential accessory to every sporty girl’s wardrobe. And you can find this Under Armour one for only $24.99!

UNDER $50:

Affordable and high-tech, this LetUFit watch is the perfect second sister to the Fitbit, with a watch face that shows the time, date, and your activity, built-in water resistance,  built-in GPS, and a heart rate monitor. Not only that, but it’s on sale for ONLY $26.00, check it out! 

This Nike Training duffle bag is a sport “essential” so that those soccer practices and track visits are easier when it comes to keeping everything in one place. And the good news is? Its right under $50 bucks on the Nike website. Order fast!

UNDER $100:

Headphones can be an expensive option as a gift most times, but Jaybird makes it easy to get the sporty chick in your life this beautiful pair of headphones for just under $100. They sell out pretty quickly though, so you may only be able to find used and refurbished versions. So you have to get them quick!

Gifts for the Tech-Junkie

This is the girl that’s into all the newest and coolest gadgets! Let’s see what cool stuff we can score!

UNDER $15:

The perfect mini Bluetooth speaker that is super portable, loud and only $14!

UNDER $25:

Ever lost your keys or purse at the most inconvenient time? Believe me its happened to all of us. But this little guy called Tile is a lifesaver! You simply attach it to whatever you want to keep track of, and when you need to find it, you ping it from your phone. Simple, useful and affordable at only $20 bucks!

UNDER $50:

I’ve used a lot of charging cases in my day, and yet have I gotten the chance to see one WITHOUT that awkward extension on the bottom! This battery case by Smiphee is slim, packs a lot of juice, and is on the market for only $35.

 UNDER $100:

Ever wanted to have the Alexa experience but simply are always on the move? Well, Amazon created a portable Bluetooth speaker that’s not only Alexa-Enabled,but also functions just like the Amazon Echo! You can purchase it below.

Alright everyone!

I HOPE  this guide was helpful and even though there are affiliate links throughout this post, I want you to know that I would NEVER recommend something I wouldn’t buy or haven’t bought for myself.

And after hours of research, I put this list together with you, my readers, in mind.

Hope you have a joyful and blessed holiday!



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