First, I want to thank you for looking into my story and seeing what I’m all about. Scroll down to learn more.

This Is Me...

I’m a college student studying Psychology.

I live and breath music, especially music that worships God.

I love to write- songs, blog posts, devotionals- you name it.

I love helping people, and encouraging others to believe that they are amazing even if they don’t feel that way.

I was the Minister of Music at my home church for three years until God grabbed me and took me on a spiritual journey that I am still on today.

...And This Is Also Me...

I love chocolate and Ice Cream.

I love playing piano.

I consider God my bestfriend.

Sometimes, I find myself waking up and having a one on one conversation with God at two o’clock in the morning.

Most times, I’m impatient and end up spending more than I have to just to get a package early.

Many days I struggle with my past, having neither one of my parents in the home and relying on my Grandmother to show me how the world works.

Sometimes, I struggle with the idea of what a family is really supposed to look like because I never felt like I had the family everyone else has.

Most times,  I struggle with being myself  because I’m afraid people won’t who accept me for who I am.

The Truth Is...

I’m human.

And just like everyone else, I have insecurities that I try to deal with everyday.

But one thing that makes me who I am is that…

I'm On Fire For God.

And that fact has made a world of difference in my life.

I’m here because I think sometimes we think that being Christian means being perfect.

And sometimes we don’t talk about “certain things” or talk to “certain people” because we don’t want to tarnish our “Christian reputation”.

Sometimes (and some may get offended) we help people, not because its what Jesus would do, but because we want “Christian Points”.

We want to be able to “claim” our good deeds as our own and not God’s.

So I Decided to Create A Blog...

That’s dedicated to creating a place for women like me, who are constantly searching for God,  that allows them to grow in their faith.

I want to use all of my talents and imperfections to help others  know that they have a best friend in Him.

So that’s who I am and what I’m about! I hope we can all grow together!

Be Blessed!