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In the blogging world you’re basically forced to rely on other’s opinions and reviews about the best way to be successful when trying to grow your blog.  Tailwind , by far, is one of the tools that every blogger on Pinterest swears by.

But if you’re anything like me, you like to do your research before committing on spending your hard-earned cash on something you’ve only heard about.

So about a year ago, after reading countless handfuls of articles about it, I finally caved and decided to give it a try. This is what I learned.

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Tailwind Is Actually More Than A Pinterest Scheduling Tool

People typically rave about Tailwind’s scheduler tool when they talk about it (which don’t get me wrong, that thing is awesome).

But, what a lot of people don’t tell you is that Tailwind actually offers two IMPORTANT WAYS to grow your blog traffic.

One- is in-depth analytics. Here’s a free tip that I missed starting out:  anything that contains the word “analytic” contains important information that you, my friend, need to know about.

Basically, you can find out exactly which pins are driving the most traffic, which boards help your pins go viral, etc.

And two- tribes, which we’ll talk about later.

It’s The Most Updated Tool I’ve Ever Used

So typically tools and services you use online, add real updates every now and again.

But, since last year, Tailwind has completely created a whole other tool called Tailwind Tribes, and matched Boardbooster with finally providing a way to loop your pins!

This honestly makes me feel like their team is really listening to their customers and trying to tailor their brand to us bloggers’ needs.

It Can Be A Little Overwhelming To Look At 

I can’t lie, when I first started using the platform I was like, “oh my goodness what did I get myself into?”.  When brands start offering so much, it’s easy for their websites to get cluttered.

And this is exactly what I think happened.

So when you use the platform don’t be surprised if you find yourself a little overwhelmed. But the good news is that they help you find everything you need in a five minute tutorial.

Tailwind Tribes Is Literally THE Fastest Way To Gain Pinterest Traffic

So  remember that second way I said was SUPER important for growing your traffic? Yeah. This is it.

When I joined tailwind tribes, it was still in Beta stage and I was skeptical. Basically, Tribes are like Group Boards but better. Everything is organized, you can see the reach and shares that you recieve from other members, and you can schedule pins right from the Tribe.

After joining Tribes, I had my first pin go viral and got over 2k shares in a week.

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I know it sounds insane because I couldn’t believe it either. Since then, Tribes has been the BIGGEST aid to driving traffic to my blog.

Believe It Or Not, Tailwind Doesn’t Pressure You To Upgrade

I can’t be the only one who hates either being b-lined with ads and pop ups, or being “locked out” of a feature until you upgrade.

Though Tailwind does lock certain features, they don’t force you to upgrade to a plan that has all these features you don’t need for the one you do.

The platform basically grows with you.

I started out with the free plan, and then worked my way up to one of the paid versions when I needed certain features.

Overall…Tailwind Is Worth The Hype

So yes, it is worth the hype.

I will tell you that Tailwind only works and is worth the money if you’re consistent with it. If you dedicated time to it you’ll see a lot of growth, but if you don’t, it’ll just be another tool.

Alright! I hope this post helped you if you were on the fence with getting Tailwind.

And if you feel confident about it, go ahead and sign up now for their “forever free” trial.

If not, that’s cool too! Honestly, blogging takes alot of learning and educated decisions when it comes to purchases. So if you’d like to do more research on it, here are some pins that can help you out!

Good Luck!



Anna is a multi-passionate writer and creator who enjoys uplifting and inspiring others to be who God called them to be. You can typically find her glued to her laptop screen creating new things, or on a long walk with her dog. She loves sharing the Gospel and believes that Christians should be the most creative because the creator lives in them (a quote stolen from her Husband).

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