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Have you ever scrolled through someone’s Instagram feed and wondered how they got their feed to look so cohesive & aesthetic?

I’m pretty sure we all have! So today, we’re going to break down how you can theme your Instagram feed in just three steps.

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Pick A Color Scheme & Stick To It

I suck at graphic design. And as a blogger, graphic design knowledge is something that is required to make high quality content.

So, I had to learn.

The most important part about making anything look good is to make sure the colors fit well together and are consistent.

The easiest way to do this is by picking three to four colors that you feel really represent your brand well and finding/ creating content that have those colors.

For instance, this is what Her Faith Inspired’s feed looks like.

instagram feed | instagram theme

And this is the closest example I could find to the color scheme I chose.

white and yellow

So, the first step to getting you feed to look cohesive is to pick a color scheme and make sure that it’s clearly represented through the photos and content that you choose to post.

Use VSCO Cam To Edit Your Photos The Same Way Everytime

I am literally the queen when it comes to editing my photos! I love editing away my imperfections while making  the colors of my t-shirt pop.

But, my feed looked a mess. And not because I did a poor editing job, but because my edits weren’t consistent.

For example, here’s how my personal feed used to look when I tried to edit every photo individually, compared to how it looks now.


Now the secret to this is making sure your photos are edited the same exact way every single time.

And you’re probably wondering how the heck you do it.

Well VSCO Cam makes this super easy!

First, you have to edit a photo just how you like it in the app.

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Then you save it. VSCO will automatically bring you back to  your “studio” in the app. From there you simply tap on the photo that you edited, select the three dots on the bottom of the screen and select “copy edits”. 

Click on the new photo you want to edit, select those same three dots and select paste edits. You should instantly see the photo edited the same exact way the previous one is.

Here’s a quick clip to demonstrate:

Vsco Copy and Paste Edits from Miss AnnaMae on Vimeo.

This is my go to way for editing my photos now. And depending on how bright or dark the photos are, I make very small tweaks to fix the brightness of the photo.

If you don’t already use VSCO, you can download it here for free!

Use A Planning App

One word, UNUM.

This is literally my FAVORITE app on my phone when it comes to dealing with my social media accounts.


Because UNUM is an Instagram Planner app, that lets you upload the photos you’d like to post to Instagram in the future, and rearrange them so you can style your feed how you like!

This is what it looks like,

This app basically lets you create a template for how you want your feed to look before you post anything!

Here is an example of how I plan my own feed. These are photos that I’ve already posted:

And these are all photos I’m planning to post:

UNUM let’s your switch photos around until you get an aesthetic going that you like.

And once you’re set, you can even create a caption and post to Instagram right from the app!

If you don’t already have UNUM, it really is a tool that I use everytime I post a photo, and it’s what helped me create a consistent theme for my Instagram feed.

You can download it here.

Alrighty! That’s how you can create your own stylish, aesthetic Instagram feed in three easy steps.

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