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Tired of giving the man of your dreams the same ole’ socks and wallet gift sequence every year?

Well, I feel it for ya sista. Every year I find myself scratching my head trying to figure out what the heck I can buy my husband that he’ll one, like and two, use.

And that’s why I spent hours and hours compiling awesome gifts and date ideas for you so you can do to celebrate your man (or a man you love in general)  in a unique and affordable way!

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Give the gift of tech

Everyone wants their life to be made easier! So why not give that same luxury to your boo by buying him tech gear that can make his life more stream-lined? And if he doesn’t know how to work it, this can be a great bonding opportunity where you can figure it out together! Check out these neat little gadgets below.

(P.S.) I linked most of these items to Amazon because you can always find them used-like new for cheaper. Save your $$ girl!

  • Tile- The best friggin’ thing invented for absent-minded people. Tired of your man losing his keys or wallet? Tack this little buddy onto it, and you can find ANYTHING by using the app on your phone. Seriously, kudos to the genius who made these things.
  • Gaming Headset- If your guy is a gamer, this is the PERFECT gift. Guys love to talk trash while they battle it out on Call Of Duty or Fortnite. 
  • Apple Pencil- (For iPad Pro & 4th Gen iPad) If your man is an artist or prefers hand written notes, this is an awesome awesome way to help him digitize his busy life. He can take notes, draw, and save everything onto his iPad with this stylus, which will help keep him organized. (And gosh-darnit it’s fun to use!)
  • Adonit Pixel This one is just as good as the Apple Pen for half the price! (This is the stylus I personally use to take notes in classes.) You can also use this for android tablets and older iPads.
  • Alexa (Echo)  This is your personal Siri, but in your kitchen, or bedroom or bathroom (echo dots). And this cool little voice in your house can end disagreements super fast by telling you who’s really right. (Which is you of course ;).)
  • Bose Bluetooth Wireless Headphones I’m definitely biased on this one because I’m a headphone fanatic and these are my favorite. But, if your guy loves to workout, go for runs, or work without wires attached to his face all the time, this is definitely the way to go.
  • FitBit Speaking of working out, this little watch is stylish and can track your heart rate and steps for the day. It’s definitely a must have for someone trying to achieve their fitness goals.
  • Microsoft Surface Pro For those ladies out there that are thinking of bigger, better, and more expensive things, this is an awesome gift! Surface Pros are an amazing thing for portability and productivity reasons.  Yes, I love Apple, but I’m starting to lean more towards Microsoft for tablets because honestly, the experience is just amazing. 

Give him a personalized gift

Who doesn’t like their name on stuff right? Especially for men, personalized gifts appeal to their inner possessive nature of “this is mine”. Here are some ideas.

  • Personalized Pocket Knife– Guys like knives. Don’t ask me why, but it’s a thing, so get him something sharp with his name on it and he might just cry.
  • Manly Leather Bracelet– Girls like accessories and so do guys. So get him a stylish bracelet with his initials engraved!

Get him his favorite sports teams gear

If you’re still short on ideas, I always check out the “Gift Guide For Him” on Amazon. Simply scroll down and select who you’re trying to buy gifts for. They list EVERY gift idea you can possibly think of there for women, men, kids, etc.

Non-Material Gift & Date Ideas

This one’s for my girls who are on a serious budget or who want to give the guy they love a more meaningful gift.

  • Take him for a stroll in his favorite place. This is a great way for you two to spend quality time together in a place that makes him happy.
  • Grab some coffee, or ice cream and pay for the date. He’s probably used to paying so he’ll probably push-back, but take control girl! Treat your man to a nice lunch or dinner and tell him how much you appreciate him.
  • Write him a heartfelt letter and stick it in a place where you know he’ll find it. Guys do a lot for us, and every now and again, they like to be reminded of how much we love and appreciate them in a sentimental way.
  • Sit down and play a video or board game with him. This is meaningful and fun quality time that I’m sure he’ll appreciate for days.
  • Give him a massage. Stress is a huge factor in people’s back & neck pain. So go ahead and help him loosen up some!

Alright everyone! I really hope this helps you in your Christmas shopping this year. And remember, it’s not about how much you spend, it’s about how much thought and love you put into it that counts.

With Love,


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