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So, you’ve decided to start a Pinterest account because just about every post you’ve read about how to drive traffic to your blog said Pinterest is the “gold mine” for blog-traffic. (Which is actually pretty accurate).

But now, you’re sitting between 0-100 followers and you can’t quite figure out when this magical traffic to your blog is suposed to show up.

Well, to really reap the benefits of Pinterest, Tailwind is definitely a tool you need in your arsenal.

If you’re like me and are skeptical of making big online purchases, I wrote a candid post about what I thought after trying Tailwind for a year.

But if you’re really trying to wait until you absolutely need the full version of Tailwind before buying it, there are still some AWESOME features to boost your traffic that you can use for free like Tailwind Tribes.

If you don’t know what the heck I’m talking about, stop right now and read this article about what Tribes are & why you should start using them today- and then come back, of course ;).

But, if you’re already in on the game, then we can jump right in!

Here is a list of 9 Tailwind Tribes for Christian Bloggers that you can join today!

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These tribes have really great engament scores and outreach and I am either still apart or have been apart of most of the tribes on this list, which means I know firsthand how much they can benefit you!

And as a disclaimer, I put my tribe at the top of the list :).

Christian Spiritual Growth Tribe For Bloggers – This is a tribe I started recently and it already has a reach of 1.4M! And we’re looking to add to the tribe family! And now, we have some of the top christian bloggers that you can connect directly with and are excited to share your content!

Blogging & Business For Christian Women-  (NEW!!) Want to become better at blogging for Jesus? Want to share quality content with your audience and network with women who work hard just like you?

This is a new tribe I started for women entrepreneurs to share content that will make you more productive as an blogger and it’s a good starting place to get into the flow of tribes as a blogger.

Christian Bloggers Tribe- I literally had 2 posts go viral BECAUSE of this tribe! (It’s a little harder to get into now but it’s definitely worth a shot).

Christian Lifestyle Bloggers

Christian Women’s Ministry

Christian Writer’s Sharing Great Content- I’ve seen SO MANY posts go viral in this Tribe!

Faith In The Hard- This tribe is perfect for the christian blogger who cares and posts about mental health as well.

God Loves Us

Grace And Arrows Tribe- Full of awesome big-time bloggers sharing really high-quality content.

Christian Blogger Pins- This tribes’s engagement is insanely high!

Alright! These are all the tribes that I could think of that I KNOW will benefit you and give you a huge boost your pinterest traffic!

If you know of anymore that are really great, or want your own tribe featured on this list, leave a comment below!

Happy blogging,


Anna is a multi-passionate writer and creator who enjoys uplifting and inspiring others to be who God called them to be. You can typically find her glued to her laptop screen creating new things, or on a long walk with her dog. She loves sharing the Gospel and believes that Christians should be the most creative because the creator lives in them (a quote stolen from her Husband).


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