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Have you been stuck in this weird limbo of you’re better than you were, but not quite where you want to be?

One thing I’ve learned about SETTING goals and ACHIEVING them, is that they are two totally different things.

And sometimes, we can find ourselves STUCK chasing our goals, and never catching up.

Well, here are some mistakes that I think we often make that end up sabotaging our success.

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You’re trying to change way too much way too fast.

Let’s say that you decide that you’re going to lose weight this month, quit biting your nails, grow your hair 4 inches, and memorize the book of Proverbs.

These are all GREAT goals, but are completely unachievable when you stack them together.

Sometimes, we try to fast-track our success by knocking out multiple goals at once.

And oftentimes that works.

But, when you overload yourself, you can end up stalling your success instead.

You’re not focused on one specific thing.

I was one of those kids that changed who she wanted to be every week.

I wanted to be a vet one week, a firefighter another, a singer the next, and so on.


But there was no way I could do everything.

And I say that because often times we try to do EVERYTHING  and end up achieving NOTHING.

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Get focused on a singular goal and do EVERYTHING you can to hone in on that ONE THING, and you’ll find yourself closer to it than you’d expect.

You’re talking about it more than you’re actually doing it.

How many times have you used the words, “I’m going to…” or “When 2018 starts I will…”

If you’re anything like me, it would be ALOT.

Don’t get me wrong, sharing your ideas is fundamental for getting feedback, exposure, and speaking your goals into existence.

However, in order to acquire success, you have to take action.

In one of my recent posts, I talk about how to actually stick to your resolutions this year. And in this post, I tell my readers to put up their goals where they will always see them.

And this definitely helps, but the other side is this:

You can plan all day long, and you can post it on Facebook as often as you like. 

But until you actually TAKE ACTION, your goals won’t achieve themselves.

And just to add, CONSISTENT ACTION, is honestly, the BEST ACTION.

You’re trying to accomplish something outside of God’s call for your life.

I strongly believe that If God IS NOT the center of anything you are trying to do, you will never truly succeed from it.

Now, yes, you can make all the money in the world, become famous, and whatever else your heart desires.

But without God in it, you’ll never have true joy from it.

When you’re creating and trying to achieve your goals, always aim to take the time to ask God, “is this your will”  and is this the journey that he has for you.

Not only will it keep you accountable when chasing your goals, but it will also draw you closer to Him.

You think you can do it all by yourself.

Personally, I consider myself a strong, and independent woman.

And while I know it’s a good trait to have in this “dog eat dog” world, sometimes it can be a double-edged sword and cause us to stunt our own progress by trying to do everything by ourselves.

When we are trying to achieve our goals, sometimes we find it hard to trust our dream in the hands of someone else.

But, when you try to do everything by yourself, you’ve not only forgotten the importance of building a supportive team behind you, but you’ll find yourself burnt out more often than not.

IF ANYTHING REMEMBER THIS: Asking for help is just as brave, if not more, than doing it by yourself.

You’re busy comparing your success to someone else’s.

I do this ALL THE TIME and that’s why I thought it was SUPER important to include in this post.

You cannot compare your beginning to someone else’s middle.

In other words, you cannot compare your success when you are new to the game, to someone else’s two-year-long success.

Whether it’s weight loss you’re looking for, or a better marriage, or even trying to start a business of sorts, you cannot compare your journey to that of someone else.

I say this because…

COMPARISON ALONE is enough to kill your progress, discourage you, and make you vulnerable to self-doubt.

So take the time to really look at YOUR achievements and keep a positive outlook on YOUR progress so you can enjoy the journey along the way.

Alright, you guys!

Those are all of the ways that (I feel) people commonly get in their way of success.

Listen, I know trying to better ourselves can be a long and tough journey.

But I want to encourage you today, to speak life into your passion and into your dreams.

Allow the Lord to come into the center of it, and you will succeed.

So tell me in the comments, What do you think is keeping you from your success?




Anna is a multi-passionate writer and creator who enjoys uplifting and inspiring others to be who God called them to be. You can typically find her glued to her laptop screen creating new things, or on a long walk with her dog. She loves sharing the Gospel and believes that Christians should be the most creative because the creator lives in them (a quote stolen from her Husband).

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