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Okay, this is the year that I’ll actually stick to my New Year’s Resolutions.

Says EVERYONE for the “however many-th” time going into 2018.

But of course, this year won’t be the year that we achieve every goal and dream that we’ve cooked up since we were kids.

And that’s okay.

But we have to do something different so that we can ACTUALLY achieve at least the little goals- right?

Well, here are some ways I think will actually help you stick to your resolutions that most people will neglect to do.

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Make your list manageable.

Too often, we overload ourselves by trying to achieve too many goals at one time.

We feel like this will be the year when we’ll be able to mend our marriage, teach the kids French, and move into a brand new house.

Even though these are all achievable goals, when you stack too many goals on top of one another, you’ll find yourself getting overwhelmed and achieve none. So in this case, less is more.

Don’t try to change too many things at once.

How many times have you heard the phrase, “new year, new me”?

Too many, right?

Personally, I’ve even made this statement myself, and have found myself disappointed at the end of every year when I still bite my nails and still have NO patience.

I found that this can be one of the BIGGEST MISTAKES we make when trying to achieve our goals.

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And I say that because sometimes we get so caught up in trying to change or “improve” EVERYTHING about ourselves, that we end up changing NOTHING.

Remember that progress qualifies as change and improvement.

 So, don’t get caught up chasing the end product and forget the progress it takes to get there.

Give yourself a generous amount of time to achieve your goals.

Each goal has its own shelf life of course.

One goal may only take two weeks to achieve, while another goal may be a 6 month-long lifestyle change.

Whatever the goal, don’t try to rush your progress.

Be generous to yourself and give yourself 2 months to lose those 15 pounds instead of two weeks.

It’d be a great idea to do this visually, on a calendar or in a planner.

Try to designate certain months and weeks to certain goals.

That way, you can ease into it instead of killing yourself trying to rush to complete it.

Work smarter not harder.

Get a planner.

No seriously.

Get a planner and use it. I’m one of those people that will buy a pretty planner, use it the first 3 months, and then forget all about it. (An effective way to waste $15 every year, I’ve discovered.)

But what I’ve also learned is, if you physically write down your schedule and your intended steps to completing your resolutions, you’ll be more apt to follow that schedule.

Make your goals visible.


Seriously, if you walk through my house, you’ll find sticky notes with goals and quotes scribbled on them, in my bathroom, bedroom and especially in my office.

I’ve been writing my goals down and sticking them on my mirrors since high school.

And what I can say is, it is a HUGE help in reminding you why you’re working so hard and what you’re working towards.

And just recently, I found this CUTE sticky note set that comes with motivational quotes already on them in the corner.

So along with your goals, you have encouraging scriptures and quotes to motivate you to complete them!

Get comfortable with your own journey instead of focusing on anyone else’s.

In this social media-saturated world, our feeds have been loaded with people half our age, with half of what we have access to, doing things we could’ve never imagined was even possible.

When we see this, we can start to get discouraged and feel like we’re falling behind the curve.

I go more in-depth on this in my post about the common ways people sabotage their own goals, and I mention there that when you compare your journey to someone else’s, you end up stalling your own.

But I saw a quote this morning that I think will encourage you.

Don’t compare your beginning to someone else's middle. We all start from somewhere, so don’t let people rush your progress with their timelines. Click To Tweet

So be you!

Focus on the journey not the destination.

God has given us this AMAZING life to enjoy and USE to his glory; not to rush through.

I hope this post has inspired and empowered you!

(P.S.) Leave me a comment below, what are your new year’s resolutions?

Be Blessed,





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