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College is hard. It’s true, and there is no escaping that fact.

I was always a stellar student in high-school.

I never had to really study for tests, homework was a breeze, and the only thing I struggled with was math.

But when it came to college, I quickly learned to keep a high GPA, it took a lot more than what I was used to doing.

So I want to share with you some tips to be successful in college, that I wish I knew when starting.

Successful Students Get Their Professor’s Attention

Have you been trying to skirt through the semester without any notice from your professor?  I have.

And from doing it before I can say,  it is definitely easier to just blend in with the crowd and avoid the awkward meet-and-greet.

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But, successful students meet with their professors, because at the end your professor can either help you or give you the grade they think you deserve based only on your work.

If you’re anything like me and dread meeting teachers face to face, try sending an email before class starts and starting small talk.

That way, when you see your professor in class, you not only have something to talk about, but they can put a name with a face and be more willing to help you when you need it.

They Sit Up Front and Center

Why would you ever want to sit far away? I know, personally, I get super distracted with my phone or even my friends when I sit in the back rows.

Not only that, but the teacher actually pays more attention to students in the back row and you can risk being called out for something or making the professor feel like you don’t respect the class.

Think of sitting up front as a premium seat. It’s the seat that you have to be early for, and it will be the seat that might save your butt in class.

So if you want to be successful, you have to sit up front so you don’t miss anything.

Plus it gives you bonus points with the teacher!

They Never Skip Exams, Quizzes, or Homework

I get it, sometimes things happen, and in college, you were probably too tired from the night before to even think about class.

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But whatever you do, stay up to date on when your tests and quizzes are because a lot of teachers have strict policies about making up tests and quiz grades.

Not only that but from my experience, some teachers won’t let you make them up at all!

So rethink snoozing that alarm, or pushing that work off to the side, because it may mean your grade.

They Keep Track of Their Points or Percentage Grade

When I first started college classes, the point system was the hardest thing to wrap my head around especially when in high school we were almost always graded by a percentage grade.

However, to be a successful student you have to be on top of exactly how many points you can make and how many points you have throughout the semester.

Many professors don’t calculate your grade until mid-terms or even until the end of the semester!

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So stay on top of those points, consistently throughout the class, to avoid surprises later.

They Actually Read the Syllabus

Believe it or not, the syllabus isn’t just a first-day of class ritual we go through every semester.

That little packet actually has some juicy stuff in it that can help you be successful.

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For one, reading the syllabus is important so you know what you can’t afford to miss in the class.

Two, it’s detrimental to know what’s going on in the class beforehand so you’re not overwhelmed later on.

A smart thing to do- take a picture of all of the assignments listed in the syllabus, and their due dates and keep it in an album on your phone.

That way you can look back and mark off the assignments you’ve done, so you can be prepared for the next ones.

Successful Students Ask for Help

If you’re anything like me, you’re pretty independent, right?

Well, that’s all well and good until you get a poor grade on an assignment that you thought you understood.

Asking for help doesn’t mean you’re not intelligent, asking for help means you care about your grade. 

Believe me when I say this,

The best students learn to abandon their pride early and ask for help before they need it, not when they need it.


So, what is something that has helped you as a student, whether past or current?

Tell me in the comments below and don’t forget to share this post with your friends!




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