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Have you ever wanted to spend more time in God’s presence, but your daily responsibilities seem to steal every hour of the day away from you?

Whether you’re starting or continuing with your walk with Jesus, finding time to feed your spirit every day can feel like a daunting task. But do not fret! Because I have written down five easy ways for you to squeeze time with Jesus into that busy schedule of yours!

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Grab a speaker a blast worship music!

This is by far the easiest (and most fun) way to incorporate praise & worship into your schedule! I simply keep a handy playlist of all of my favorite worship songs on my phone and plug it into my car radio whenever I’m off running errands.

Or, I’ll listen to fast-paced uplifting Christian music when I’m working out or cleaning the house. The best part of listening to worship music is that you are constantly feeding your spirit in a flexible and fun way! If you want to download this awesome A-List Christian Music playlist for yourself, click here.

Download FaithPlay.

This is a free app that puts all of your favorite preachers, pastors, and influencer’s sermons and podcasts in the same place!

Have a favorite sermon by Steven Furtick that you just need to hear again, but don’t feel like scrolling through Facebook to find? FaithPlay. Need some encouraging advice about your marriage/relationship while on the way to school or work? FaithPlay has Gary Chapman’s Podcast (Author of The 5 Love Languages) right at your fingertips.

Seriously, this app has been a game changer for me when it comes to listening to spirit-led content, and it’s just as easy as hitting play!

Have a quick chit-chat with God through prayer.

If you don’t already, praying is literally the fastest (and preferred) way to spend time with God. He can read your mind, sure, but there’s something significant and filling about speaking to him out loud.

In your moments alone, this is the perfect time to just chat with God. This is when you tell him about your frustrating morning trying to get the kids dressed, or that dream that really spooked you the night before.

This is the time to tell him about your goals, your dreams, your plans for the day- He wants to hear it all. Praying doesn’t have to last an hour, it can last 3 minutes on the way to the grocery store and still mean just as much.

Start or end your day with bite-sized devotionals!

I absolutely love bite-sized devotionals from apps like YouVersion & SheReadsTruth. Bite-sized devotionals literally take less time to read than it takes to drink a cup of coffee in the morning.

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I typically like to read these when I’m alone in the bathroom or right before I go to sleep at night. Since they’re so straightforward, I always finish feeling like I have a better understanding of God’s word and a practical application to my life.

Scroll (guilt-free) through social media.

Look, we already spend way more time then we should be, scrolling through Instagram and Facebook, so why not use these amazing platforms for our spiritual benefit? If you’re on Instagram there are some awesome faith-based bloggers and profiles that will fill your feed with nothing but spiritual encouragement and bible verses!

Here are some of my personal favorites: Hanha Hobson-@transparencyblog, Sopha Rush– @livedeeplyrooted, Jordan Lee Dooley– @soulscripts. There are of course HUNDREDS more, but this post would become CRAZY long if I listed them all!

(P.S. AND since you’re already here, I will shamelessly promote our new Instagram account filled with daily quotes, and reminders of how important you are, and how to find your stride in your daily walk with Christ! Say hey to us at Anastasia Currier- @herfaithinspired)

Alright! That’s all for now ladies! I really hope this post helped inspire you to find new + easy ways to incorporate Jesus into your busy schedule.

It can be easy to forget to include him in our simple everyday tasks, but it’s worth way more to make an effort to remember that He is present even in the seemingly mundane parts of our lives.

With Love,




Anna is a multi-passionate writer and creator who enjoys uplifting and inspiring others to be who God called them to be. You can typically find her glued to her laptop screen creating new things, or on a long walk with her dog. She loves sharing the Gospel and believes that Christians should be the most creative because the creator lives in them (a quote stolen from her Husband).

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